A Practical Artist and Craftswoman

Welcome to Annie Morton Designs. Here I showcase and offer to my clients one of a kind, beautiful, handmade products. Each item in my shop is a work of fabric art which doubles as a functional accessory. They take hours to produce from fabric selection through to photography. I do hope you enjoy your purchases as much as I enjoy making them.

I am a mother of three kids. My family is fun, fabulous, and a little feral. We live on a small farm in Athens, TN. And when I am not working here in my shop, I'm out tending our orchards, the gardens, or the bees. 

After losing about a million socks and shoes with my oldest, I first designed and sold my snug, warm, and secure booties on beginning in 2012. Since then I have transitioned through making a multitude of woven jacquard products. My clients simply love the beauty and luxury of my products and the textiles from which they are made. 



family photo