I Love You A'Lotl Checkbook Cover

  • $ 17.00

For the 4 times a year you need to write a check, this handy little cover will make finding that elusive checkbook easy! 

Case measures approximately 4.25" by 7.75” Big enough to fit two or three checkbooks if you need it to.

Series Info
Outside Fabric: Yaro Elvish Ice Cave Grad
Accent Fabric(s): Tan Faux Suede and/or Cotton Poplin Plaid with Metallic Accents
Embroidery Design: Urban Threads

Learn more about Axolotl from Scientific American.

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Care: All seams are sewn, resewn, and sewn again for maximum durability. However, this is still a piece of handmade textile art. Spot clean or hand or machine wash on a very gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Cool iron with a cover cloth if you must.