Persephone and Her Love Small Knot Bag

  • $ 18.00
  • Save $ 20

The perfect wrist purse or sock or lacework knitting and crochet project bag. With
one short and one long handle, you can create a knot that closes the bag and slips easily over the wrist.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is on sale because I do not love the top stitching around the handles. If I hadn't told you about it, you probably wouldn't have noticed. But it really isn't my best work. It is what I get for combining faux silk and stretchy velvet. My mistake, your gain!

Series Info
Outside Fabric: Oscha Slings Blossom Dark Night
Accent Fabric(s): Crushed Faux Silk in Bordeaux and Floral Velvet
Embroidery Design: Urban Threads

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Care: All seams are sewn, resewn, and sewn again for maximum durability. However, this is still a piece of handmade textile art. Spot clean or hand or machine wash on a very gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Cool iron with a cover cloth if you must.