Toggles for Face Mask Straps

  • $ 0.40

These are larger toggles that are meant to secure the straps on my face masks. Please note, they will not work well with narrow or small paracord or elastic straps. They need to be used on very large paracord or the knit fabric straps or the bigger bias tape straps. For reference, I cut my knit strips for ties at 1". 

Price is per toggle. Buy as many as you want and then buy 2 more. Out of a bag of 100, I get 2 or 3 that aren't great quality. I'll test them before I send them to you, but have a spare just in case. 

My cost on these is 25 cents. I'm charging 40 cents to cover packaging and time. I do not want to become the apocalypse toggle tycoon.